Friday, 7 June 2013

Hanis Haizi

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Di usia 29 tahun, dengan solid income RM300K, HanisHaizi punyai segala-gala yang dia inginkan.


Started my journey in 2009 till present

Tercetus satu idea from door to door basis to ONLINE MARKETING!!

Yes We are No. 1 in Malaysia!! 

Started my journey as daily blogger who blogs about daily things.. and then came along this opportunity that has changed my life 360 degree!


Ever since then Hanis Haizi has become a phenom!

Starts from Berita Harian, Hijabista, Nur, Nona, Intrend , Tatler, Hello Magazine, GLAM, Harmoni, Safiyya, Bella TV, Bella Award, WW Magazine and a lot more to come. 

This is beyond my imagination!!
Of course I always wanted to be successful, but to be Famous? I guess it comes with the package. LOL

Thank you so much especially my husband and business partners, who always been there for me through thick and thin especially my CDMs/Business Partners directly under my wings. 

We started our journey as strangers, then become partners and in the process best friends. We supported each other, because at that time the were no one to guide us. 

Now GLAM has become stronger than ever, our successful stories and leadership qualities has proven to a lot of people. 

We want to do the business not only to become RICH but We also want to INSPIRE people out there.

Don't limit your CHALLENGES, 
Challenge your LIMITS

Bestkan.. Anda nak berangan-angan jadi seperti dia atau anda NAK JADI macam HANIS HAIZI..? Bila peluang tu datang, jangan tunggu lagi..sampai bila ?? sampai bila nak mengeluh..? sampai bila nak beri alasan..?

Contact/wassap/emel/wechat/LINE me NOW
and be part of us in GLAM

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