Monday, 27 May 2013

GLAM all around Malaysia

Alhamdulillah syukur..

As mine, started this online business from zero knowledge and now I can guaranteed myself will futher continue the success of GLAMpreneurs. In sha Allah..

GLAM are now expanded our big group to East Coast region, Southern Region, Northern Region and as CDM Hanis said in our last class session it will be more GLAM to be open..

Its so amazing where we are now more easier to attend classes and meeting our GLAM council after this..

GLAM Advance pioneer session at TTDI

GLAM Johor, Southern Region 

GLAM Terengganu, East Coast Region

GLAM Kedah, Northern Region

So, WHY should wait! Everything was provided by GLAM founder, CDM HanisHaizi to ensure GLAMpreneurs receive the BEST knowledge in bringing our task as Premium Beautiful TOP LEADER's GROUP Nationally and Internationally...This week GLAM will be at Kelantan 

Contact/wassap/emel/wechat/LINE me NOW

and be part of us in GLAM

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