Saturday, 20 April 2013

GLAM April Celebration


Mggu lepas ada celebration di GLAM dh lme draft..bru smpat publish hoho...Celebration ni untuk achiever yang dh achieve  100,000 sales award, car fund and Diamonds award.Untuk penerima award ni dapat  EMILIO PUCCI for 100G and Car Fund awards and PRADA handbag for CDM!
Satu hari sye pun akn capai macm mereka jugak..Tgok gmbr je  dan paham kan :)  kredit to CDM sha khalid 


DDM Refqah,

DDM Norain from Johor

Group photo with all the recipients for CAR FUND

At GLAM, each reward marks our achievement in business. With 100G achievers

With our leader and mentor, Hanis Haizi

To be success, just follow each steps of the successful people

Our team

We always support each other. T.E.A.M.

                                                  Be the right group..Want to be part of our team ...

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